Audition Information

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Audition Information

A Bit of a Sketchy Christmas

Auditions are Saturday,  October 19 at 6:30 pm  at the 9th Grade center, and Sunday, October 20 at 2:00 pm at CPHS

Sand Springs Community Theatre is holding auditions for our Christmas production, “A Bit of a Sketchy Christmas”.  This production is a collection of Christmas themed sketch comedy and monologues.  The age range for this production is third grade through adult.  

(PLEASE NOTE: The first day of auditions will be at the Central 9th Grade Center Auditorium at 4th and Garfield in Sand Springs, BUT the second day will be at the Charles Page Auditorium)

If you are wondering about what sketch comedy is, think about shows like SNL or Studio C, or many of the YouTube channels.  

There are 7-21 parts, both male and female.  Depending on how many people audition, you may be cast in multiple roles. 

The auditions will be cold readings from the scripts.  

The following is a brief description of the different parts of this production.  

All Set for the Nativity

A family’s nativity set that they have set for years on the mantel or some other location in the house.  Over the years pieces have gotten damaged, some are missing.  Last year the kids put away the Christmas decorations.  

(Six characters)


This is a news report from the first Christmas, sort of like a SNL news report

(This is a monologue)

Censored We Have Heard on High

The setting is the office of a church administrator who is trying to make sure that the general public isn’t offended by Christmas carolers since it would reflect negatively on the church.

(Six characters)

Week Three

John has been dating Holly for three weeks.  They started dating around Thanksgiving.  Now it is almost Christmas and this is the first time John has been to Holly’s two bedroom apartment, that she has decorated floor to ceiling in Christmas decorations, in every room!  John has made that big dating decision of having to go to the bathroom at her place.  

(This is a monologue)

Every Time a Bell Rings, a Cat is to Blame

A pet support group for pets dealing with the holidays.

(Six characters)

Toy Designer

A toy designer for a major toy company that has to come up the toy that all the kid’s will beg their parents to get them for Christmas.

(This is a monologue)

The Ghosts of Past Presents

Sort of a take on A Christmas Carol.

(Six characters)